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Stone Fabricators Alliance Workshop - March 17-18, 2022

Workshop: SFA Workshop Hosted by: Cadenza Granite & Marble

Thursday, March 17th, 2022

8:00 am Registration & Greeting

8:30 am “Silica Exposure and Safety in the Workplace”, with Mark Meriaux of NSI.

8:30 am “Trash to Treasure” enhancing a slab of Granite using The GMM Sirio, Tenax’s “Tepox V” and Tenax penetrating epoxy.

10:00 am Dustin Braudway “Eliminating the fear of working with Beautiful Natural Marbles.” 12:00 pm Lunch served on site, Presentation by “Brothers in Granite”

1:00 pm Shower Construction and Prep with Schluter

2:00 pm “Sculpting for the Modern Fabricator” with Joey Marcella – Location: Showroom

3:00 pm Fireplace Cladding with Porcelain

Ongoing Demonstrations in the Shop: ·

Numerous Sponsor Demonstrations ·

Renewing your Router for added productivity – Northwood Machines, Robbie Tidwell ·

Benefits of a Digital Cutting Solution – GMM, Taf Wharton · Line Machines + Backsplash Polisher – Sasso ·

Honing, Leathering and Repolishing slabs ·

Working with Large Format Porcelain Slabs ·

Mitering inside radii on an Apron Sink ·

Surface Repairs with Fillachip ·

Panel-Handler, Todd Luster ·

Black Mamba Adhesive – Mounting sinks in one minute! ·

Digital templating by various SFA Sponsors

Friday, March 18, 2022

Ongoing Demonstrations in the Shop ·

Water Recycle with Weha’s Filter Project & Brian Gambrell ·

Backlighting Translucent Stones ·

Surface Repairs with Fillachip ·

Marble “Etch Resistant” Applications ·

Porcelain Shower wall installation with Adam Christansen ·

Digital templating continues. ·

Black Mamba Adhesive – Mounting sinks in one minute! ·

Quartz Thermoforming 12:00 pm Lunch served on site.

Slab Polishing – Finishing steps of “Trash to Treasure” Final steps of mitered radii to Apron Sink Installation of Porcelain Shower Walls Final steps of Porcelain and testing.

12:00 pm Lunch Round Table discussion.

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