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  • Is Black Mamba FHG a silicone?
    No, it is not a silicone. It is a monocomponent MS Polymer Adhesive.
  • Why should I switch from silicone to Black Mamba FHG when silicone works fine?
    Black Mamba FHG is much stronger than silicone. Silicone needs a mechanical support system. Black Mamba FHG is solvent free (Green). Will not bleed through marble. Huge time savings. Huge overall cost savings.
  • How many sinks and / or bowls have been installed with Black Mamba FHG Adhesive?
    Over 750,000 sinks and / or bowls have been successfully installed to date.
  • What is the drying time?
    The adhesive will “skin over” in ten minutes. Full cure is achieved at a rate of 5mm per 24 hours.
  • What is the strength of Black Mamba FHG?
    Over 360 psi.
  • What is the heat rating?
    The temperature rating goes from -40F to 284F (-40C to 140C).
  • What if you have to remove a previously installed sink or bowl?
    The Black Mamba FHG Adhesive never cures to a hard, brittle state. Should you have to remove a bowl simply cut away the adhesive with a sharp, lubricated blade or oscillating multi-tool. Use shims to slowly part the pieces. Be patient and you will save both the sink and the countertop.
  • When do you recommend plumbing be completed?
    We recommend you wait a full 24 hours prior to allowing the plumbing contractor to carry out his final drain connection. That being said, the drain assembly and faucet can be installed prior to hanging the sink or bowl.
  • Do I need a special caulk gun or dispenser for the Black Mamba FHG Adhesive?
    If you are hanging one or two sinks then a conventional caulk gun will suffice. However, due to the viscosity of the adhesive, if you are installing multiple sinks or bowls, the adhesive will “wear you out” in short order. We offer a 35 to 1 mechanical ratio dispenser that makes application of the Black Mamba FHG a breeze.
  • What colors are available?
    The Black Mamba FHG Adhesive is available in Grey, White and Black.
  • Have you experienced any failures?
    No failures have been reported to date when following the proper SOP’s (Standard Operating Procedures). Click here to download SOP (Standard Operation Procedure) Click aqui para bajar la Guia de Aplicaciones de Black Mamba FHG en español
  • How long has this product been around?
    The technology has been around for over 30 years however, the “High Tack” formulation was created 15 years ago.
  • What else can Black Mamba FHG Adhesive be used for?
    Black Mamba FHG Adhesive can be used for a multitude of applications. It loves dissimilar materials and reacts well to expansion and contraction. It is presently used extensively in the Marine, Trucking, Signage, and Construction Industries.
  • What is the aging performance?
    Based upon accelerated aging performance testing per ASTM standards, the Black Mamba FHG has proven reliable for over 30 years and far outperforms silicone.
  • How many sinks or bowls can I hang with a single tube?
    Depending on the size of the respective sink or bowl you should be able to hang 3 – 4 Stainless undermount sinks or 4 – 5 lavatory bowls per tube of adhesive.
  • What if I do not use the entire tube and want to store it?
    Simply squeeze approximately 3/8” of bead out through the end of the tip and allow to cure. When ready to continue use, simply pull out the “plug” and you are ready to go.
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